My children’s book ‘The Emerald Serpents’ has been uploaded to, alongside my madly theatrical novel ‘Wheels.’ Take a look at either of them and see what you make of my ramblings…

Meanwhile I’m getting ready for some seriously deserved holidays. First I’m off to Bergerac, where I’m visiting my flamboyant ex-wife – anything can happen, apparently – and on my return me and my current spouse are off to Avignon for an al fresco summer wedding. Maybe I’ll get ideas for my next novel, which is titled ‘The Joy Of Life’, and deals with schizophrenia, jealousy and murder. All in a days work…


Wheels by Harry B.Weber

What does a famous Theatre impresario do with a trashy, well past its sell-by date show performed on rollerblades? Go out with a bang in a one-off gala performance, starring the original cast – age and mobility permitted.

But the show’s choreographer – a reality TV aficionado and universally feared über-bitch is not happy with the cast. “You are all fat,” she screams at performers who have been housewives for twenty years, and the race against time is on to get the show ready for critics and the hoi polloi, who smell blood and are ready to kill.

Gerald has done the show’s wigs and make-up from the start, and the prospect of spending his well-deserved retirement in sunny Spain is all that keeps him from going mad. His best friend Mandy can’t work in the costume department for another minute, and when her married lover threatens to leave his wife she agrees to join Gerald in Spain. Cue a rogue Spanish property developer, and dreams of Margaritas by the pool turn into nightmares of a bench under Waterloo Bridge.

Bridget has been the theatre’s housekeeper for over thirty years, and Gerald has been her tower of strength through hard times. She may look like a dowdy spinster, but her little black book of contacts may just save the day for everyone. As Bridget’s past threatens to rock the foundations of London Society, everyone soon realizes that fact is often stranger than fiction, and that there really is no business like show business.

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